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April 23, 2008

Losing Weight Without a Strict Diet

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There are obviously many ways to lose weight, but the issues that occur are: losing weight fast, keeping it off and revamping your entire grocery list just to customize a diet.

The point where most fail in a diet is that fact that they think diets are temporary. Also, many people believe that diets mean to eat foods that you just do not want to eat. Imagine this, you go to a gym, you cut your grocery list in half, you drink tons of water, you buy a bunch of weight loss supliments…and you still have the weight you started with…on top of spending a ton of money! Does that sound familiar?

I believe that one of the biggest factors that causes most women to fail in their diets is the cost factor. Let’s just take a look at the cost of the average program that allows you to lose, let’s say, 15 pounds a week:

Product Cost Per Month
Gym membership $40+
Bottle of diet pills $40+
Weight loss tea $59
Body wrap $100+
Special foods $150+

That’s about $389 a month…my god, that’s a free car when you come to think of it. Another factor is the time committment and rearranging your entire schedule just to be able to fit all those things in! I mean, are you willing to change your entire life just to drop some pounds? I know I’m not, and neither is the average woman. Let’s lay it out here plain and simple…we want to eat what we want, we don’t want to have to count calories and cut carbs out of our diets (Which can also effect your health), we do not want to pay a fortune to look good, and we need people there to support us through the process.

I remember reading an article in Woman’s Day, or something to that affect, and there was a young lady who went through alomost her entire teenage years weighing in over 200 pounds. I remeber what that was like and I wouldn’t be able to bear being in that position again. Maybe you are there right now.

We all know that we do not want to go through the unhealthy regiment or torment of diet pills and fad diets, or we don’t want to go broke being healthy; but this beautiful young lady has posed a solution to that and after I signed on with her, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my weight, a large increase in my confidence and energy, and the ease of losing about 10 lbs every two weeks.

It’s not like the promises that these fad diets make… “Lose 100 lbs in 60 Days!” but, instead it is a committment to yourself and your health that you will shed 10-15 lbs every two weeks. I love it and I am giving it my “Rapid Weight Loss Now” 5 Star Bid of Approval. Aren’t you ready for a healthy way to lose weight and have fun doing it? I know I was. You can read more about this young lady and the methods she used by clicking on this link!
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Enjoy and Good Luck!



February 4, 2008

“yayFOOD ” for Women Seeking Results! by Robbin Reed

yayFOOD was created in 2007 by Rachel Rofe.

Rachel had struggled with weight all her life.

Her earliest memory of being heavy was in kindergarten when she wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween – and was told that she was too fat. She was 120 pounds in 4th grade… and 250 in 7th.

After she graduated high school, she decided to make a change. She tried all kinds of diets – the Hollywood Celebrity Diet, fasts, the Atkins Diet, the Grape Diet, ephedra, and everything in between.

All of those diets did work for her – but only short term. She either got tired of diets… or they stopped working.

When Rachel finally discovered calorie shifting (or calorie cycling as some people call it), things began to change. It was something that she could stick with – both psychologically and physically.

Within a few years, she went from a size 26/28 to a 10.

Rachel is now passionate about healthy weight loss and wants to share what she knows with as many people as possible.

yayFOOD was named because Rachel wanted to be clear that this diet wasn’t one in which people would be hungry. Dieters on this calorie cycling plan can still shout at the end of the day, “YAY! Food.”

Since yayFOOD was launched, many people have been able to lose weight both effectively and healthily.

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February 2, 2008

“Maximum Weight Loss in 10 Weeks”

Review by Rahul Alvares

Maximum Weight Loss (MWL) is a very straightforward book on fat loss and general fitness. Written by Gary Matthews this book is not one for the hardcore, everyday training bodybuilder. In fact, it takes training timing, frequency and quantity to the other extreme; where the trainee only trains once per week, working only one exercise and one set per muscle each time!

The book starts with notes on pretty regular stuff; pros and cons of weight training, fat loss facts, pros and cons of weight training both, in the gym and at home, weight loss myths and gimmicks, and frequently asked questions on training – Does muscle turn into fat once one stops exercising? If you’re not sweating are you not burning fat? Etc.

Once Gary moves to the training program however, you find that MWL is quite different from most other books on fat loss. I have already mentioned to you that you only strength train once per week. Adding to that the fact that you only perform one exercise per muscle, and one set per exercise, you realize that your workout hours are practically nil! I don’t doubt Gary’s knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness – I actually quite enjoyed most of MLW – but I somehow feel that this approach will not work with all trainees (especially serious bodybuilders who are already quite fit).

Gary also makes a few statements, now and then, which don’t seem quite right to me.

For example, this is a paragraph I picked out from the book. – “Effective weight loss is the total amount of calories burned during the day. Not how or why they were burned. It doesn’t matter if it is night or morning so exercise early in the day has no advantage to exercise later in the day.” – I can tell you from my experience that exercising after an eight hour fast first thing in the morning, and exercising two hours after lunch, are two different things altogether.

The exercise description section – which has a good number of exercises listed with pictures – has a few small errors also.
For instance; the photograph for the squat exercise, shows the model with raised heels in the sitting position. Raising the heels off the ground while performing squats is definitely not something I would encourage anyone to do.

Another example is the photograph for performing triceps dips in between two plastic chairs. How the model balances his entire weight holding on to the handles of the plastic chairs without them naturally caving in under him is something I am still marveling at.

Otherwise most of the exercises are pretty safe, simple, and easy to perform. Exercises like standing pushups leaning on a wall are absolutely great for those who wouldn’t perform a deadlift for the fear of straining their back!

I have listed a few of topics dealt with in the book to give you a general idea about MWL.

1. Stretching (good notes with photographs)
2. Walking (the benefits of it, and why you should walk regularly)
3. Dangerous Exercises (useful notes on which exercises are dangerous and why)
4. Handy tips for successful workouts (cooling down after workouts, training when pregnant etc.)
5. Diet Reviews (why you shouldn’t fall into the trap of dieting, with the pros and cons of all the different types of diets e.g. Atkins, Zone, Blood Group Diets, etc.)
6. Nutrition; Loads of information on carbohydrates, vitamins etc. Plus good notes on eating plans
7. Visualization for weight loss
8. A five week training log.

to learn more about

“Maximum Weight Loss in 10 Weeks”
By Gary Matthews

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